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Triggering BPEM (EMMA) case from document posting

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Hi all,

For a specific (manual) FICA posting (SAP IS-U), we would like to trigger a BPEM (EMMA) clarification case which needs to be handeld by an agent. I'n not that much experienced with the creation of EMMA cases, so I would like to know If my approach is correct.

1. Define a message (class / number) which will be triggered after a successful posting of the document. The creation of the fica posting is done via a portal which is triggering an Odata service, so I would like to implement the message in the Odata service instead of using the 0010 or 0061 event while this is affecting al postings.

2. Based on the new message, a EMMA clarification case needs to be triggered directly. We are talking about 25 cases per week, so most likely the cases are triggered directly. Which steps do I need to take first?

- Do I need to define a new Business Proces Area or is that not allowed? The primary objecttype should be CA_DMS.


I would like some guidance how to go further with this topic and gain more knowledge.



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If you have maintenance, the BPEM guide is in 2495833 - FI-CA: BPEM Implementation Guide - SAP for Me. This does a spectacular job of explaining how to configure both automated and manually triggered BPEM cases.

In your case if you are wanting to trigger the case directly (and not through the Application log) you'd create new case categories and a new Business Process Area. The Area is configuration and for the categories I typically use EMMACCAT1. It would then look something like this for a customer Area with manual categories.