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Transmitting the Data Appearing as UUID in the C4C Data Source to BW in ID Format

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Hello experts,

We want to transmit the e-mail addresses in the Display Name column of the E-mail Involved Parties (Data Source ID: CODEMAPTYB) data source to BW team as in the C4C view below (as text format as seen below).

However, when opening the Documentation in the E-mail Involved Parties (Data Source ID: CODEMAPTYB) data source, the type of the “Display Name” field appears to be UUID. Therefore, this field appears in UUID format in the view of the BW reporting team. How can we make it appear in Text format like in C4C view? It doesn't exist in any other area. The data that the BW team wants to obtain is exactly this, From (Sender), To (Receiver), Name, E-mail, etc. in the Unassociated mails work center. They want to view the areas on their side. But our problem here is with the From and To fields. In the E-mail Involved Parties data source, these fields are in UUID format, and I could not find From-To information for unassociated e-mails in another data source. Could you please help me to find?

Thank you.

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