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Time for OPENED_EMAIL interactions in SAP Marketing Cloud


Dear experts,

I've a requirement in my project. They need to react to people who open an email in less than a certain time, for example: If they launch a campaign at 12:00pm, they want to know who is opening that email before 2pm. Why? Cause they want to impact them later consequently or use that info in a Score.

I don't see any standard functionality to segment those people. I don't even see any way to do it using some logic.

Do you know a way to get this info?

Note: The system uses Sinch integration.



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Hi Pedro,

Using the email open trigger is not a good idea in general. The email open event is not consistent since not all ISP provides the information. Moreover that Apple introduced an email privacy settings to hide email activities of their users. See

It is strongly recommended to use track activities using links and activities on landing pages.

Best Regards, Isabelle