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Ticket Cause category to be replicated to Customer Line item in SAP ERP

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement. Our client want to replicate the ticket cause category to Customer line item (T-Code FBL5N) in SAP ERP.

Scenario: The customers are replicated from ERP to C4C. The invoices of these customers are not replicated from ERP to C4C. In C4C the tickets are created for customers and the invoice no is maintained in the tickets manually by the service agents in C4C. The client wants that the cause category (mapped to reason code) should be replicated to the the ERP at the customer line item against the invoice no and the customer, when the status of the ticket is Not Completed.

Once the status of the ticket is completed, the cause category(which is the reason code in ERP) should be deleted from the customer line item level in ERP only, not C4C.

I could not find any standard interface in C4C to replicate the data to customer line item. What should be our approach to achieve this requirement?

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