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Stuck with error "Maximum length reached for BO" on Production in sap C4C

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Dear Team,

I have activated all solution on C4C Dev then assembled "New and change item" only. but due to activated all , it has assembled complete solution . We did not get any error while activating solution on dev.

But when we uploaded on production and tried to activate then we stuck with error "Maximum length reach for object"

We have checked in Administrator->general setting->Adaptation changes->Extension length usage-> it's exceed more

1) BusinessPartner_Template-

current length - 10,213

length allowed- 4,786


Current length - 10917

length allowed - 4082

Now to find out these number of fields on production and delete its' not possible as few fields are interconnected with other object. Most of fields holding data.

So is there any way to skip this version and upload old version or rollback such kind of things.

As it did not give any error on dev with same limit but on production it's throwing error.

Please help me in it as our production system down since long.

Thanks and Regards,



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Hi madhuri_dubey1

Please refer the KBAs 3149615 - Maximum length reached for BO (Custom BO)3149599 - Maximum length reached for BO
Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,Nishanth