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Split Sales Items


Hello, I am currently developing a plugin for SAP Customer Checkout that enables the use of barcodes where the weight is included in the second half of the barcode. This functionality is working well so far. However, the client has requested that each item be displayed on a separate line instead of being grouped together when they are the same item. This change aims to improve readability for the customer.

To achieve this, I attempted to use the "forcesplit" parameter (args[6]) set to true. However, I have encountered unexpected behavior with the force split feature. For example, when scanning an item with a weight of 5kg, it is displayed on five new lines, each with a weight of 1kg, instead of appearing on a single new line with the correct weight of 5kg. While I understand that the force split is functioning as documented, it seems counterintuitive to me.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has encountered a similar situation or knows of a workaround for this issue could provide some guidance, suggestions, or insights.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,

Paulo Pascoal

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Hello paulo.pascoal

This is a known behaviour currently. It was also discussed during a recent development workshop in SAP head offices. I will tag harald.tebbe and bikash.bansal here, so that the issue is kept current.

Please also make sure to vote for this issue here to improve traction: Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence (

Best regards,