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Solr results displaying wrongly after applying search restriction in backoffice

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Hi Team.

We are having multiple catalogs in our system and each catalog having its own products.

We applied some search restrictions on products based on catalog.

So whenever we are trying to login with admin user and open product search everything is working fine and we can see all the products in the results.

Similarly we have created few more employee with employee group and catalogTypeRestricted group and assigned to one of the employee which we have created.

This time we are trying to search products in the Backoffice with newly created employee but we are not getting proper results from solr(Search restrictions are not working), after expanding the search options and clicked on Search button again this time we are getting proper results as it fetch data from database(Search restrictions are worked fine).

Did anyone faced similar kind of issues if yes could any share some tips to fix this issue.

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