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Social Login with gmid Cookie

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I am working on the social Login , after the social login step, gmid Cookie is received.

gmid - General User cookie - Used to identify the logged in user

how to use this Cookie to get the user/Account info data ? which REST API needs to be used with this Cookie to retrieve the user details or token which will be further used to call REST API to get the data?

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Hi Ruchita,

Please note that:

(i). the user session is not actually stored in the gmid cookie

(ii). SAP CDC does not support direct manipulation of cookie data

If the user already has an active session in the browser that is issued by CDC's Web SDK, the user info can be retrieved in the browser using the accounts.getAccountInfo JS Web SDK method.

Additionally, if the use-case is to then pass the flow to a server-side or 3rd-party application, this can be done by retrieving an id_token using the accounts.getJWT JS method, which contains the user information and can be validated against the JWT public key for the site.

see also: Validate A JWT from SAP Customer Data CloudHope this helps!

Best regards,