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Smartedit does not show some validation errors on the screen


I am using SAP CX 2011.10 and trying to edit ProductCarouselComponent in smartedit. The component has CMSBaseStoreTimeRestriction with empty activeFrom and activeUntil fields. In smartedit when I try to change any attribute and save, nothing happens. By examining the log files and browser dev tools I found that a validation error happend and 400-response is returned

   "errors" : [  {
      "errorCode" : "field.required",
      "message" : "Cette zone est obligatoire.",
      "position" : 0,
      "reason" : "missing",
      "subject" : "restrictions.activeUntil",
      "subjectType" : "parameter",
      "type" : "ValidationError"
   } ]

is there a way to let smatedit show such errors on the screen?

Thanks and Regards

Rasha Elsayed

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