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Smartedit: Customizing PageListComponent - the recommended way

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Hi all,

I would like to edit PageListComponent (apps/cms-smartedit-container/src/components/pages/pageList/PageListComponent.ts) with displaying another column (creation time) in this component.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to edit the pageListConfig.keys or how to extend this class in a smart / short way.

I can only find documentation on how to create new components, but not how to extend the existing ones.

My idea was to use something like this, but this doesn't seem to be possible (thinking of fancysmartedit as my customized smartedit extension):

export class FancyPageListComponent extends PageListComponent

Also, the pageListConfig does not have the @Inject annotation nor the @Input/@Output construct.

Is there some documentation out there that I have overlooked so far or can someone help me with this problem? (I would like to find the SAP Commerce way to do this, not a whack-a-mole method! 🙂 )

Best regards

P.s.: Currently working with SAP Commerce Cloud version 2205

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