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SmartEdit blank page on SAP Commerce Cloud CCv2 v2011


Hi All,

I am facing an issue on CCv2 when trying to access the smartedit on the backoffice aspect.

I am seeing a blank page on smartedit and I am seeing 400 error on the browser console related with the configuration endpoint

"errors" : [ {
"message" : "I/O error on GET request for \"\" Connection refused (Connection refused):",
"type" : "ResourceAccessError"
} ]

Did anyone of you faced similar issue in past?



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Answers (2)

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For anyone coming across this issue see:

Point 6 describes how to troubleshoot the blank page issue.
In my case it was the property tomcat.ssl.port which has to be 8088 in the ccv2 environment.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Praveen,

As you know, 400 is client side error, meaning your browser is sending illegal requests to the backend API endpoint.

Could you try different browsers? And please also try to clear browser cache?