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Smart edit homepage not showing "pages" and "navigation component link

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On upgrading to 2105, smartedit after login is not showing "pages" and "navigation" link.

I have checked user groups, cmsmanagergroup is available. I can see these links on my local system, but not on one of the sandbox environments .

Here are the screesnhots :

environment(pages and navigation not there) :

Local(pages and navigation available):

Any help appreciated.

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Answers (1)

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So i got resolution for this issue. There were couple of smartedit extensions which were missing on the environment's localextensions.xml file (particularly cmssmartedit), The entire stack of extensions for smartedit to work MUST be :

<extension name='cmsbackoffice' />

<extension name='cmssmartedit' />

<extension name='cmssmarteditwebservices' />

<extension name='cmswebservices' />

<extension name='npmancillary' />

<extension name='permissionswebservices' />

<extension name='previewwebservices' />

<extension name='smartedit' />

<extension name='smarteditaddon' />

<extension name='smartedittools' />

<extension name='smarteditwebservices' />

Figured it out when i saw that the numbers of smartedit extensions getting built during ant build were less on environment compared to local.

Hope this answer helps someone if not all 🙂