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Show attributes of associated Item or relation item type of an Item

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Hello all

I'm using 2005 version. I'm facing an issue with the editor area to show a subitem type or relation item type of an Itemtype in the same editor. Example, For Order Itemtype, I would like to show some of the attributes of Customer item, Billing Address and Shipping Address in the same editor instead of using the dropdown button subsequently clicking on it to open widget.

I have added like "modelAttr.attrName", but it's not working, like "" under order item.

Thanks in Advance.

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I don't think there is an easy solution for what you want. But Decorated Editor might be useful to achieve your goal. You can create a generic editor so that you can get the attributes you want to display from the <editorArea:editor-parameter> definitions. By doing so, you can use it for any type you want with any attributes of your choice.

Hope this helps,