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SAP Sales Cloud: Calendar View in Visit Planner

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Hello everybody,

within the workcenter/view Customers/Accounts I have the following options to display the data:

So among others also the Calendar View, which shows all visits/activities to the selected accounts in one calendar:

We are now missing that option within the Visit Planner as it would be very helpfull here as well:

Is there any option to customize/activate this as Adaption seems to be not possible here.

Thank you for help & best regards,


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Hi Aaron,

The visit planner helps on a high level to create visits for customers in the future in a timely manner, as no visit was created or some time has past since the previous visit. The visit planner uses the data maintained on the Visit Details tab (duration and interval) of the Account master data record in combination with the visits dates of visits planned and visits in the past.

When running the visit planner, it will show you those customers that meet your criteria - so for which no visits have (yet) been maintained (for a while) so your calendar view would be empty then. So what would be the added value of this view here exactly.

The view cannot be added in the current release. If you have a good motivation for adding this view, you could register the need on