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SAP S4 Hana Service- Converting Service Quotation to Service Order

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Hi Experts,

Below is the issue we are facing when converting a Service Quote to a Service Order in S4 Hana Service module.

During create Follow Up option, system is not checking the status of the quote and is converting the quote into a service order even with status as Open, In-progress etc. There is no restriction on the Service Quote being converted into Service Order based on the status.

This behavior is not correct, as anyone can convert a Service Quote into a Service Order without quote being Released. There should be a check in the system to prevent this unless the quote has been Released.

Is this a bug in the standard behavior? If yes, then is there a way to restrict is via config or customization?

Looking for suggestions.


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Hello Sankalp,

you could try to create a user status profile with several entries I explain.

1) In table CRM_Jest you find all the system statuses managed in your quotation from creation to release or rejection.

2) In tx BS23 you can check for each system status what the system allows to do and what not. It seems clear that in your flow any status allows to create a follow up.

3) you create a user status for your quotation with a default value that does not allow to create a follow up and other values, to be managed by end user manually, that allows to create a follow up.