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SAP Marketing Cloud: Notifications on hard bounces

Currently we are monitoring hard bounces by a dynamic target group that is regulary calculated and exported. However, it would be much cooler to have an automated workflow. I was thinking about the following scenarios:
  1. We have a general email address for our support. If a hard bounce occures for any contact, an email should be sent to the support email address summarizing the contact's information.
  2. Each of our contacts has a custom field like "Resp. Employee Email Adress". Instead of sending the contact information to the general support email address, it would be better to send it directly to the responsible employee.
The responsible employees do not have access to the SAP Marketing Cloud. So far we are exporting the hard bounced contacts including the responsible employee information and send it manually to the corresponding employees so that they check on it. I tried to set up a trigger-based campaign which sends an email for each hard bounce. I added the general support email address to the seed list, but I think there is no chance to always use the data of the hard bounced contact as personalization sample. You need to select one specific contact when setting up the campaign. Do you have any idea how to achieve something similar? Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


chackbusch we have created a flow based on CDS view I_MKT_CampaignSuccessCube and a CPI iflow

We created an external API based on this view this view is then read on CPI side every morning to check the latest hard bounces/ soft bounces in the last 24 hours

This report is then send to interested support colleagues via email

Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Hi Christian,

Interesting. I checked with a colleague and we see 2 ideas at the moment, which would need to be checked further:

  • Have a campaign with a target group that sends email. Use the trigger HARD BOUNCE, on the yes, branch you add an open channel action.
  • Have a campaign with a target group that sends email. Create also a trigger-based campaign with a filter on members that have interaction hard bounce and use an open channel action.

On both options, in the open channel action, you select an export definition with the fields that you need for the contacts, including the custom field that would contain the email address of the employee responsible.

In the CPI, you can process the records and trigger to send an email to employee responsible. See option 1 or 2 of this blog

For more information on open channel, see our online documentation Open Channel Integration - SAP Help Portal.

I hope this helps. Maybe other experts have also other ideas.

Best Regards