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SAP CDC - Sent email to full account from CDC


Hello Folks,

I have uploaded some customer profile with name, phone and email to CDC by using SFTP Full account.

Now I want the moment customer lite account get created an email should sent to customer to ask to verify the email or say activate your account, when customer click on link, CDC registration screen set should open with auto populated email, first name and last name and customer can choose password.

Problem: I am not getting any option to send verification email and welcome email to all uploaded customer.

Please help here...

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Active Contributor

Hi girish674,

Please note that, for Lite Accounts, it's not possible to trigger emails as per standard documentation.

While, I recommend you might try setup a Custom DataFlow with your own SMTP for this use-case (Please confirm with SAP by creating a ticket under CEC-PRO).

I hope this information was helpful in closing this thread.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Kunal Bansal, SAP CX Architect


Hi Girish,
As you can check the Import Lite Account step it is using accounts.importLiteAccount API method. It is already mentioned in documentation that this api will not send any email to user.

You can follow this link also:

In my opinion you can do two things

1. You can call accounts.resetPassword api in next step of dataflow.

2. First of all you should call accounts.initRegistration api and then in next step call accounts.setAccountInfo api in your dataflow. setAccountInfo method will sent email to user.

Import Lite Account Flow
Step 1: accounts.initRegistration with the params

  • isLite=true

Step 2: accounts.setAccountInfo

  • regToken
  • profile
  • data
  • Preference

Hope you found this Answer helpful!