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Sales / Service Cloud V2 inbound integration: Technical User or Certificates for authentication

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Hi Expert

In the old Sales / Service Cloud the technical user or the certificate could be defined on the communication arrangement.

Does anybody know how this works for Sales / Service Cloud Version 2?

Or does anybody know where one can find documentation on this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thomas

you can find some steps in the help documentation but I've found they are very basic and not very aligned to how the UI behaves but essentially in SCV2 you have do define the authentication when setting up the communication system and not when configuring the communication arrangement.

Create Communication System

I have created a technical user with password for inbound to test REST services but I haven't found a way of how to map a certificate to the user even though Step 5 in the above link says you can upload a certificate.



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