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Sales Order with Batch item remains open when paid in Customer Checkout

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I have a case when a sales order is created in SAP B1 that contains an item that is managed by batch, and this sales order is fetched to CCO, when the order is closed and transferred to SAP, the AR invoice for this order is not linked to its sales order, and the origional sales order remains opened, and this case only happens when the order is closed in CCO while if the order is closed in SAP, the resulting AR invoice will be linked with its sales order and the sales order will be closed.

I found a SAP note (2624458) mentioning this case, it's saying that is this is the expectd system behaviour but it didn't mention why, and the only solution is to close the sales order manually in SAP.

Can you please advise why is this the expected system behaviour when the sales order is closed in CCO?

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