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S4hana – SAP Commerce connectivity issue - firewall

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Hi Community,

We are trying to connect SAP commerce cloud (webshop) to S4hana (ERP) via application GW, illustration as followed. Currently, we are testing the below setup in dev environment.

In SAP Commerce Cloud back office, we setup the SAP integration > RFC Destination > input the target host and instance info > connection fail.

When we check the console log in the cloud (kibana log), error details: Initialisation of destination xxxx failed: connect to SAP gateway failed

Connection parameters: TYPE=A DESTINATION=xxx ASHOST=(ip address) SYSNR=01 PCS=1

According to SAP support, there is no outbound traffic restriction, so the application gateway IP should be reachable. However, when the return value is received after reaching it, the inbound traffic restriction, so communication does not seem to be possible.

It is assume that connection fail is because the firewall is not open in the webshop side for Azure NAT IP, and the result value is not being returned. How can we open the firewall in order to get a response?

Best regards,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Polly,

SAP Cloud Connector is required if you are using SAP Cloud Integration with on-premise , ERP or S/4HANA systems. Cloud Connector provides the data portal for SAP Cloud Integration.

You can refer to the document for more details.

Best Regards,


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