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Replicate accounts (/business partners) from C4C to S4 with missing mandatory fields in S4

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Hello Experts,

I want to set replication of business partners between C4C and S4.
How can I replicate Accounts from C4C to S4 when S4 has different mandatory fields than C4C?
For example, in C4C I have accounts with mandatory fields A, B, C. In S4 every account has mandatory fields A, B, C, D, E, F.
As far as I understand, in standard setting if I would replicate account with fields A, B ,C to S4/HANA, it would get rejected with information that values for fields D, E, G are missing.
So I would have to use SDK to create mandatory fields D, F ,G in C4C OR set these fields and non-mandatory in S4 HANA.
Yet, we would like to keep it simple. Sales representatives provide some basic informaiton about account, then if it will be proceeded in S4, user can fill in missing details.
Would it be possible, that S4 would accept this payload and create account with missing mandatory fields?

What is your perspective here?


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Active Contributor

Hello Adam,

You are correct. If a target system has fields mandatory, it will scream out errors when data for those fields are not in the payload. If you really want to do this, you could set the fields as not mandatory in C4C, but send some default value in the payload.

Another option is to try to code in S4 such that the mandatory validation does not trigger when source system is C4C. I'm not strong in code so can't comment if this is technically possible or not. However a seasoned techie should be able to look and tell, real quick.


P.S: You do not need sdk to create custom fields. You can use adaptation to create and make a field mandatory.