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Registering SAP Commerce Cloud in BTP

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I am looking for some information in regard to how to configure SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP BTP.

I understand that SAP Commerce Cloud needs to be registered in BTP in order to get a token. But what I am not finding, is what to do with this token once it has been generated,

Any pointer on documentation or steps as to what needs to be done next


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi David,

then I believe you need to go through the SAP Cloud Integration Module documentation (part of Commerce Cloud Integration Extension pack):

In there you should find information about configurations on both Commerce and Integration Suite side, Cloud Connector configuration, etc. You should also check which integration flows need to be activated dependent on data you need to exchange with ECC.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Try below steps. It worked for me in 2105 version

Backoffice -> Destination targets -> Select target named Default_Template -> click on Register target action Icon and enter token.

For more info

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you need the token in order to register your Commerce Cloud instance with the Kyma Environment in SAP BTP. Follow this documentation to complete the process:

Following page provides an overview of the process to get the full setup of any CX product (Commerce cloud being one of the CX products in particular) so you could extend it with Kyma:

Hope this helps!

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Hello @Ivayloivaylo.ivanov2

So I might have things incorrect in what I am trying to do, so if you can provide any insight further that would be great as I am new to this landscape. At this point we are not making use of Kyma - we will in the future )

We are replacing datahub with the Integration Suite.

We have
Commerce V2105

SAP BTP - With Integration Suite

SAP Cloud Connector

On-Premise ECC.

I am unclear as to how to connect all of these items together in order for data to flow back and forth

( Order, Quote Replication )
Commerce -> SAP BTP ( W/Ingegration Suite ) -> SAP Cloud Connector ( Cloud - On-Premise) -> ECC

(Product Master, Customer Master, ..)

ECC -> HTTPS -> SAP BTP ( W/Ingegration Suite ) -> Commerce

Any help would be great