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Quantity based promotions in CCO

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Dear colleagues,

We have a requirement from one of our customers to set up a promotion in Customer Checkout. The type of promotion would be: "buy 4 units from article A and get 1 unit of article B for free". Also we would need to identify in some way the articles involved in the promotion (both of them) on the receipt in SAP Customer Checkout Manager.

We have checked the Coupons functionality, but we do not see any way to set up this kind of promotion using the provided discount conditions and rules.

We also considered as an option that the cashier sets a 100% discount manually on the item that is given for free and indicates a discount purpose "PROMOTION" on both items so we can identify in the receipt that they are promoted together, but we find that it is not possible to set a discount purpose on item A without having applied any discount on it (which also makes sense..).

Any ideas or advice would be very much appreciated.

Also i would like to know if, even if the solution does not cover this functionality right now, if it is planned to extend these features in the near future.

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Dear teresa_mav,

Similar questions around "buy X get 1 free" discounts in the community exist already, like this one

You will probably need a customized development to achieve that. There might be other SAP partners who have done something in that direction already.

Regarding your question if this will become standard functionality in the future, there is no decision at this point in time. There are existing development requests on our influence portal, feel free to upvote:

Kind regards,


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