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Print Order confirmation in LO-VC with Variant conditions & characteristics/values

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Our team has been thinking about a good way to print machine configuration details from LO-VC on various forms, such as purchase orders, order confirmations, and invoices.

I am relatively new to Variant configuration. Previously with a different configurator, in our models one characteristic value was always linked to a price. Accordingly, on all forms we printed the characteristic value, its price and its unique "arcticle number".

With LO-VC we will switch to variant conditions. There are cases where the combination of several characteristic values lead to one variant condition. This complicates things, because we deviate from our previous logic. Does the following sound reasonable and is it feasible to print?

  • Characteristic group (to structure the lines)
  • Variant condition identifier (unique number)
  • Variant condition description
  • in case the variant condition is formed by multiple characteristic values -> print all required characteristic values directly below the variant condition (w/o prices)
  • Price of of Variant condition

Looking forward to your thoughts! Thank you!

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Hi Lukas,

Check this Function Module VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION_IBASE in SE37, you can simulate with your test input CUOBJ to understand what sort of data you have already available. Alternatively try transaction CUTABLEINFO, this provides you a wealth of data and a glimpse into the complexity of the VC internal linkages.

Hope this helps. /Daniel