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Prefill email field while ticket creation - service cloud


Hello all,

we want to build the following business scenario:

  • we receive a new email from an unknown customer (which is not available in the system), thereby the email gets classified as an "Unassociated Email" and is available in the corresponding work center view - this process already works well!

  • We open the email and convert it to a new service ticket manually

  • Now, we have to assign the ticket to a given customer or create a new one
  • Inside the popup for new contact creation, the field "E-Mail" should be prefilled with the initial email address (from the first screenshot - the sender email address that was not assigned initially)

We need this because we have to make sure that the confirmation email (which is already configured as a workflow rule) is sent to the correct email address and the user can not make any mistake during ticket creation).

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks and regards,

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