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Posting the stock of child orders without 531mvt

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Hello friends,

I have a request : I'm working with collective orders, and I'd like to post the stock of the child orders. I already know that collective orders are not originally meant for this type of movement and I've also tried 531 mvt that would enter the superior order no, however I don't have access to this movement. I'm looking for an alternative solution that would solve my issue.

I'm currently stuck and I'd appreciate the help of the community.



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Here's a broader explanation of what I’m actually trying to do. Basically the company I’m working with as an intern is selling products individually as well as in a kit (for example product A is sold individually, product C is a kit which contains 2 x product A). Currently, the by-products of each kit, which can also be sold individually are produced using a quota on SAP (for example : 60% of product A is meant to be sold individually and 40% is meant to be integrated to a kit, the 60% is placed in a stock for expedition and the 40% is placed in a different stock which contains exclusively products for kits). The problem with this type of management is that the quotas are not and cannot be updated regularly based on previsions resulting in overproduction or underproduction, because the quotas do not represent the current need.

As a solution I thought about using collective orders for the components of kits, the kit would be the parent order and the components would be the child orders, that way, the previsions would be set for the kit and the components of the kit would only be produced if there is an order for one. However, when using collective orders, the child orders are not placed in stock which is problematic since a long period of time can pass between the end of their production and the start of the assembly of the kit and therefore we need to be able to trace the actual stock at any given time.

Using collective orders may not be the best solution, but I can’t think of another one for now, I would really like to hear other suggestions, that do not involve the use of collective orders, if posting the child orders to the stock without 531 mvt is impossible.

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