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Possibility to show all opportunities, leads, contacts of 2 or more accounts?

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Is there a possibility to get a "merged view" of all opportunities, leads, contacts, quotes, orders,... for 2 or more accounts (merged 360° view)?

This would be helpful to get a better overview, if an account has several locations.

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Hi Thomas,

If you want to look at all transactions for a particular account, you could move the individual sections (leads, opportunities etc.) from their respective facets into a single facet for instance, the overview facet. As shown below.

If however, you want to see all transactions for multiple accounts (as in if there are multiple account locations), the only possibility without sdk is to try a C4C report wherein, you could create a custom datasource by joining multiple data sources that would give you all transactional information. and then create your report from that custom data source.


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