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Perfect Store engagement map creation and copying

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem relating to the logic of creating new engagement maps.

Since every store is different and features different products, I have to create a different engagement map for each store, based on different engagement points and different surveys with different products. Otherwise one would not know which products are listed or not listed in the specific store.

The problem with this approach arises when trying to create new engagement maps, because when I am copying an engagement map, the system basically copies everything, but not the KPIS, which are most time consuming in creating.

In the scoping, i used the KPI based scoring.

Do I have a logical mistake in creating a different engagement map for each subsidiary, basing on different listings which in turn lead to new surveys with specific products?

How can I solve this issue and keep the effort in creating perfect stores low?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Luis,

Can you share with us how you solved this? How did you manage setting up different engagement maps including the same but probably a different set of point of engagements and your KPI's?



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