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Pepper TT70 for new version

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Recently we have discover that Treibauf (pepper plugin's supplier for interfaces between EFT and CCO) will focus their product on countries CH, DE and AT for Terminal Type 70.

First question : a new supplier is in disscuss or not ?

Actually we have a customer with TT70, pepper plugin v1.9.1 and CCO 2.7.12.

Our customer want CCO communicate with EFT and upgrade of CCO. But the version of the Terminal is too new to support old pepper plugin v1.9.1. The solution is to upgrade CCO and the pepper plugin.

But ... TT70 is only supported with v1.9.1 plugin.

Second question : Is there a solution to have a better version of CCO and EFT communicate with this CCO without change any EFT ?

Best regards.

Kevin H.

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