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Partner Determination Issue with RFC

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We have created a logic of cancelling a contract that uses RFC. However, when using the contract change api CL_CRM_ISX_PROV_ORDER_API_PRXY=>CONTRACT_CHANGE to perform the cancellation, it returns an error saying "Enter Contract Responsible"


Take note that my Partner Determination for Contract Responsible was set to 'User' meaning it will get the current username which is RFC User in my case.

I've been searching about this for a while an saw that there are also encountering this issue when with RFC User.

Some answer stated was about changing the user type which I think is not possible in our system for it may cause other issue if we change the user type. Currently our RFC User was set to System User type.

Can anyone help me where I could check or debug this? I want to know if it was really the user type that is causing the cancellation error.

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