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Option of changing language in reveived mail from SAP Marketing Cloud?


Dear experts,

In SAP Marketing Cloud we are sending newsletter mails to our subscribers by using campaigns. Depending on the language of the subscriber the mail is sent to him/her in his/her language.
In some cases it is still possible, that this language is not the correct one or the subscriber has a different preferred language. That is why we want to enable the subscriber to change the language of the reveived mail (not for every single language but at least english and german should be available as options).
Best solution would be to integrate links like “Do you want to see this newsletter in English?” into the newsletter. By clicking on this link the mail would be opened as english version in a web browser.

Is it correct, that there is no possibility in MC to enable this option?
If yes: Which workaround solutions do we have?
We already took two options into consideration:
1. Create landingpages for each language and integrate them into the newsletter (High regular effort)
2. Configure follow-up action within the same mail campaign following the logic: If the receiver clicks link “Do you want to see this newsletter in English” then a follow-up mail is triggered and the mail in language EN is sent to receiver as second mail. (not possible for our customer because of legal restriction)

BR Sören

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Hi Mr. Rosenbohm,

This is a nice use-case, though there's no such standard feature that supports it in SMC.

  • Though, I recommend the option 2 as it seems easier and beneficial as it's kind of working like double opt-in.
  • Also, please submit an idea to SAP as well -

Lemme know what worked best for you.

Hope this was helpful to close this thread.

Best Regards,

Kunal Bansal

SAP CX Solution Architect