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Opportunities without any activit

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I would like to create a report in C4 in order to have a list of opportunities without any activity.

I found a standard report : CODOACTB_Q0001 , but it gives only opportunties with activities.

Do you have any idea to get it?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Hello Laprie,

Here is a little more information adding to the answer from Daniel.

First let me give you an understanding of the reason your report is behaving the way that it is (CODOACTB_Q0001 ). The field that is available in this report to identify the opportunity is Preceding Opportunity. This field only presents opportunities that precede an activity. This report is not able to give you your desired results for that reason.

My approach to this is to use the 'Opportunity Header and Item' data source and Left Outer Join with the 'All Activities' data source. There are some important points to understand when doing this.

  1. Use 'Account' (in the opportunity data source) and 'Main Account' (in the activity data source) as a joiner. It is strange that SAP uses Main Account in the data source because this causes the system to ignore the two when automatically mapping fields as joiners.
  2. If you have added all fields when adding the two data sources, you will want to un-map the majority of the joiners that the system has automatically mapped. An example would be the date fields. The dates for the activities are different from the dates for the opportunity. The only way that I know to do this is to delete the row then add each of the fields back on their own line.
  3. Also, be sure to set the 'Opportunity Header and Item' data source as the anchor. This will allow you to report first on the opportunity while enabling you to add activities to your view. Opportunities without activities should show a # in the place of the activity field added to the report.

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Hi Laprie,

You can use standard data source Opportunity Header and Item. We have a lot of standard reports that use this data source, for example, Opportunity Analysis, Opportunity Pipeline Report, Opportunity Revenue Analysis, Opportunity Win/Loss Analysis.