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OpenText Directory Services URL configuration with Authentication for REST call

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Dear All,

we are trying to upgrade our CRM system connection with Open text system. With this upgrade, the communication between CRM and Opentext system happens via REST call. There is a secialized config in CRM SPRO -> Open Text Document Prsentment Live for SAP Solutions -> Maintain Parameters for external applications.

Here we have maintained the host names with required URL suffix (including OTDS Tenants). When we checked with OpenText developers, they seem to be passing user name and password in their body of OTDS token retrieval call, but in SAP we dont have any such facility as the config mentioned above only has options for Host name and URL Suffix.

Also we observed one important sequencing happening during these different application calls, that first the OTDS application gets called which sets the Authentication Token and then the REST call happens. But since the OTDS call itself is failing due to lack of authentication, the subsequent REST call is also failing.

Has anyone previously worked on such kind of requirement. Requesting your guidance please. Thanks.

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