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No Cash in case of Refund

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We have a scenario.
In case of refund, we do not want to give cash back to the customer. We want to give him credit so that he can buy some other item, may be on teh same day or some other day in future.

I can select On Credit when I am making a refund and select a customer. In SAP, I see that customer balance has increased. But I cannot see customer balance in SAP CCO. Also I cannot find any way to use this balance on new invoice.

How we can do it?

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Hi aftab25

My suggestion is to show the "Payout-By Gift Card" Button in Payments area.
When the receipt's total amount is negative, the user will click this button. At this point the system will add on your receipt another one line with a Voucher/Gift Card in the same price as the negative receipt.
You will be able to use this Voucher in their next purchase.

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