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Need to put place holder in url for SAP C4C url

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Hi Team,

I have created workflow where I have uploaded template file for email type. Now I need to put link in email template which I have done but it's opening only 1 record so I need to put placeholder #ID# in link. so it will open same record as per place holder ID value. Please find below url in which I need to put #ID# Placeholder. it's opening sales qualified lead - 938 but I am not able to get value 938 to replace with #ID# placeholder in below link.≈p.component=%2fSAP_UI_CT%2fMain%2fr...

Thanks and Regards,


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Hello Madhuri,

Regarding your question, I have found a blog post "How to construct a Deep link URL for C4C Business Objects using Business object ID?" and hope this will help you to set up a template in Workflow.

Best regards,