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NCO Serialized Repository example code?

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Dear Expers:

-----The following text is from NCO3.1 ProgrammingGuide---------

Working with a Serialized Repository

Another elegant way of avoiding looking up the metadata dynamically from a backend is to
restore persisted structure and function module descriptions in your source code using the
Load() and Save() methods of RfcRepository. In the end you thus have a mixture of the
previous two approaches. You gain the advantage not needing a client connection in a server
application and in addition, you can be sure that the metadata definition is fully correct,
including all the offsets which sometimes can be a tricky pitfall. Moreover, if the data needs to
be updated, it can be done without a code change, something that would be required in case
of hard-coded metadata. The persistence layer can be anything that is able to store a JSON
string. Creating the persisted metadata will be done during development. Later at runtime it
will be restored. It is possible to mix persisted metadata with metadata that is dynamically
looked up from the DDIC, similar to the case of a hard-coded repository. Metadata that is not
available in the predefined set of the loaded repository, is then looked up dynamically from
the backend – provided that connection data is present.

  • I have a question:

  • I wonder if I could show you some code about How to use

    Serialized Repository ? thanks a lot.

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