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Multiple products for a Marketing Agreement

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Hello Marketing Cloud enthusiasts,

For my client we have an integration with SAP CRM where we are getting marketing agreements from SAP CRM. One of the requirements for this client is that they want to segment on the different products within the agreement so they can select only the customers with a particular product attached to their product(they have multiple products within one agreement). Unfortunately within Marketing Cloud you can only assign 1 product to a Marketing Agreement term.

We have tried to circumvent this problem by creating a Marketing agreement term for every product within the Marketing Agreement. This unfortunately doesn't work because of the fact that there are only 2 keys within a Marketing agreement term that are used that are specific to the Term, which are start date and end date of the term (check documentation here). The different products within the agreement have approximately the same start date and end date in which case the term is just updated with a new product or the old term is put on inactive, because the dates overlap. Is there a different way to be able to use multiple products for a particular agreement?

screenshot of how agreement is set up within SAP Marketing Cloud:

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Brat,

Yes , There can be only one Active Product for an agreement at a point of time , As a work around , Agreement Bundle concept can be used.

Basic Concepts - SAP Help Portal

Agreement Bundles

You can implement the hierarchical relationships of agreements as bundles. An agreement may have a relation to a bundle (=related bundle). The bundle is an agreement itself. An agreement with such a relation is called a bundle member. For more information, see Agreements

There are no checks between the agreement bundle and the members of the agreement bundle. The source system needs to synchronize the data between the agreement bundle and its members if needed. For example, if a reference to a bundle product is replicated via the terms of the members of the agreement bundle, the source system should replicate any change of the product in the agreement bundle and update the terms of the corresponding members of the agreement bundle.

One Agreement is flagged as Bundle , field MKT_AgreementIsBundle

Many Agreements are flagged as Bundle Member, Field MKT_AgreementIsBundleMember plus in fields Mkt_AgreementBundleOrigin & MKT_AgreementBundleExternalID the Origin & Id of the one Agreement Bundle

Please refer Payload example

Payload Examples for Agreements - SAP Help Portal



Thanks for your answer Saravana. We have implemented the Agreement bundle solution you provided and it is working perfectly for mutliple products. For anyone that would like to use multiple products for agreements in the future we have implemented the following solution:

It is also possible to be able to get multiple products attached to an agreement with an interaction. We haven't gone this route as for this client the products also could have different agreement start and end dates.

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