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Marketing Cloud: Is it possible to divide segments by analyzing odd and even numbers?

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Hi team,

I want to create a segment in SAP Marketing Cloud with the possibility of dividing those customers whose ID ends with an even number on one segment, and those that end with an odd number on another segment. Is it possible?

At the moment I couldn't find that symbols like * can be used in the list of values of the Segmentation Modeling, which would allow me to limit values, for example contains: *1, *3, *5. *7, *9

Thanks for the feedback.


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Answers (1)

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Dear Pablo,

Unfortunately, there is no concept for having wildcards segmentation filters. Therefore it is not possible to fulfil your requirement by standard means.

Of course it would be possible to do something with custom views and calculated columns. However, this is not really recommended as you would easily run into performance issues when segmenting on calculated columns.

Best regards,