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Locking issue for Custom BO which has association with Standard Opportunity BO

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Hi Team,

We have a Custom BO for a supporting sales process from opportunity. We have used

[RelevantForAccessControl] association ToOpportunitty to Opportunity; to have authentication and relationship based on the "Parent" Opportunity.

While creation of the instance of this custom BO we always add instance of Opportunity BO to the assocation as shown below.

QueryID = Opportunity.QueryByElements;
ParamID = QueryID.CreateSelectionParams();
ParamID.Add(QueryID.ID.content, "I","EQ", this.ParentOpportunityID.content);
ResultID = QueryID.Execute(ParamID);
foreach(InsOppt in ResultID)
this.ToOpportunitty = InsOppt;

However we want to have "Individual" locking because sometimes our sales colleagues are working on the opportunity and other departments are working on this CustomBO. and while opening that instance we always recives the issue that BO is locked.

I guess this is a very frequently used scenario so I am not sure where are we making this "Locking". and how can we handle that?



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horst.schaude Can you please help in this issue?