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Link Interaction Contact Datasource I_MKT_ContactAll with our CBO

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Hello together,

we have created a CBO to show several customer specifif fields inside the segmenation of the Interaction Contact. We have integrated the CBO to the Interaction Contact for the segmentation by using the ID and the ID Origin of the Interaction Contact.

Now we wanted to create a Custom CDS by connecting the CBO and the Interaction Contact inside the CDS View but this was not possible anymore as we forgot to puit the UUID of the Interaction Contact inside the CBO. Also when adding a CBO to a Segmentation Object - we were told - that automatically a view is created but this view is not usable as basis of a datasource for the CDS View.

Do we now have to add the UUID and reload all the contacts again in the CBO or does exist another way to link both entities?

As a datasource of the Interaction Contact we have used I_MKT_ContactAll


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