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Image in Marketing Content repository: Maximum weight and possible deletion

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Hello Experts

Two queries about the images and the repository

1.- What is the maximum weight of the images that are uploaded to the repository?

2.- Is it possible to see a list of the images loaded in the Content Studio repository?

Currently, you have to put the name to do a search, but if you don't know the name you will never be able to locate the image.

3.- Is it possible to delete photos from the repository?

Best regards

Elio C.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Elio,

For point 1 I don't know the answer by heart,

for point 2, the "wildcard" symbol for SAP Marketing Cloud's repository is a %. So if you search for %, you will find all the images.

Point 3: afaik, unfortunately it isn't possible to delete (or edit) images.

There have been complaints about the content repository on the idea platform before, but they got turned down...

Very specifically the option to delete images, however, I couldn't find an existing idea for that, that would be a good suggestion to add.

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