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Identifying Approvers and Results in SAP Sales Cloud for Customer Approval Tasks


I am trying to identify users who have approved a document with both positive and negative results (excluding those who have rejected). In our system, we utilize the standard Virtual Data Source from SAP called "Approval Task Details" (BTMAPPV01), which displays virtual tasks created when documents are sent for approval.

However, the challenge lies in the fact that on the document form, the result of the task (e.g., sent back for revision or approved) is visible, but this information is not present in the "Approval Task Details" Data Source. These "virtual" tasks do not appear in any other Data Source or in the OData API; they are exclusive to "Approval Task Details."

The approval task's status displayed in this data source only indicates whether the approval task was executed or not (e.g., "In approval" for tasks in progress, "Completed" for tasks that are done, but it's unclear whether it was approved or rejected, and "Canceled" for documents withdrawn before completion).

I've referenced the documentation for this data source (2599498 - Errors in Approval Task Details Data Source - SAP for Mecontract-approvers.pngcontract-approvers-analytics.png), which suggests that the approval result can be viewed in this source. However, the displayed status in this data source lacks the specific details needed.

Scenarios for Consideration:

  • Who are the approvers taking more time to approve documents?
  • Which approvers require follow-up?
  • What percentage of approvals are rejected?
  • How many approvals are corrected before being approved?

I'm seeking guidance on whether there is a possibility in SAP C4C (OData or Data Source) to locate virtual approval tasks associated with objects, along with the indication of the approval result (e.g., sent back for revision or approved).

Thank you for your assistance!

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