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Hybris wizard filtering

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I have the following wizard:

<context type="Finance" component="create-wizard"
<wz:flow xmlns:wz="" id="CustomFinanceWizard"
<wz:prepare id="newFinancePrepare">
<wz:initialize property="newFinance" type="ctx.TYPE_CODE"/>
<wz:step id="step.essential" label="create.euroshell.message.essential.label">
<wz:content id="step.essential.content">
<wz:property-list root="newFinance">
<wz:property qualifier="product"/>
<wz:property qualifier="baseStore"/>
<wz:navigation id="step.essential.navigation">
<wz:save property="newFinance"/>

where the property "product" is of type ProductModel and "baseStore" is BadeStoreModel from Hybris classes.What I am trying to achieve is : I want when the user chooses a value for "baseStore" and then goes to choose field "product",then I want the only visible products he can choose to be the ones that belong to "baseStore".How can I achieve that?

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Community Manager
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