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HR \ Payroll Module - Employee Accident Medical Medical Claim against insurance company

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I am working in a company with about 1000 employees working on the road. We have seen workers involved in road accidents in their course of work.. The company will made a claim against the insurance company for the medical costs incurred and loss of daily wages for the injured employee. The insurance claims payout are recorded in the FICO module after the insurance payout cheque are banked into the bank account. The worker accident medical expense and insurance payout from the insurance payout are all tracked in excel worksheet and not in the SAP system.

We intend to move the details kept in excel to the SAP system.

a) Is there a SAP table in the HR or Payroll module allowing company to store the worker accident medical expense and insurance payout by employee ID.

I have browsed thru the community question and answer forum but to no avail. Any form of advise is appreciated.

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