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how to sort the orders by total price in user and want to display in the backoffice

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<context merge-by="type" type="User" component="simple-search" module="exploringbackoffice">
<simple-search:simple-search xmlns:simple-search="">
<simple-search:field name="order" />
<simple-search:field name="totalprice"/>
<simple-search:sort-field asc="true" name="modifiedtime"/>



Is it right or need to write the renderer class

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Hi @SruthiRaj 

Can you add some clarification on what you are trying to do here?

  1. Are you trying to display the sum of the total order prices for a customer?
  2. Are you trying to display the total order price for a single order of a customer?

What you have right now will filter Users based on an Order. You will not be able to filter (using simple search) based on the Total Order Price.

If you are looking to display the "Sum of all of the Total Order Prices for Customers", I would recommend looking into Report Definitions / ViewTypes

Report Definitions (ViewTypes) in Backoffice Administration Cockpit | SAP Help Portal

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I need to sort the orders of customer based on the total price of each order