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How to set deleteflag for lite account using dataflow

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Hi All,

I want to extract lite account users with some condition and mark the user for deletion. for this i created Delete field in data object.

I created below dataflow

Step 1: I am fetching data using gigya.account step

Step 2: I am using record.evaluate to set the delete flag and deletiontimestamp

Step 3: I am using gigya.generic and passing api method accounts.setAccountInfo

But when I run test my job is completed with error: error message is Details: Unknown user from gigya.generic step

Please help what is missing in my step.

When I use the same steps for full accounts my job is completed successfully but still not update done to the account.

Step 2:


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Hi Swapnil,

You cannot run account-level operations (e.g. setAccountInfo) using the UID for lite accounts. The correct way to update a lite account via REST API is to:

  1. call accounts.getLiteToken using either the "email" or the "emailToken" value you have received from
  2. call accounts.setAccountInfo passing this token value to the "regToken" parameter instead of "UID"

Thank you.