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How to see number of interactions attributed to an email campaign

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Hi Experts,

In SAP Marketing Cloud we import certain online shop interactions and map them to the source email campaign, using Google Analytics queries.

When I look at the contact profile I can see that the interaction is mapped successfully to the campaign (see the screenhot). interactionstocampaign.png

Is it possible to see the number of all types of attributed interactions from campaign's perspective?

When I open the campaign, in the performance tab it is not possible to visualize the number of all attributed interactions - in our case Checkout Successful.

Thanks for your time!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mariana,
the campaign success is described here:
Interaction and Aggregated Success Data - SAP Help Portal

To show this in the campaign, we have only several interaction types which we propagate into the campaign tab.

Aggregated Success Data from Interactions - SAP Help Portal

(e.g. if you would use the "sales order " interaction type instead of checkout successful, it would show up).
Best regards


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