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How to identify multiple Emarsys accounts/tenants from API perspective?

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Hi experts

Our client has 4 Emarsys tenants. We noticed that Emarsys API endpoints are generic and doesn't really show the specific account/tenant URL. How then can we correctly identify which Emarsys account/tenant a message is coming to/going from?

We found the below info from Emarsys guides.

Does this mean we use the API username as identifier? For example, "clientuk_api" is for the UK account and "clientus_api" is for the US account. Is this right?


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Hi Denmar,

Every account(tenant) has a different name. But the same API endpoint. When you start creating your first API users, it will always start with your account name. Let's say your first API user name will be AAAA001. Here AAAA is your account name. Emarsys basically needs an X-WSSE token on the header of your API call with a combination of your API username and password(which is generated by Emarsys) to ensure this identification and authentication. And if you forget the password in this API user, you can't change it. Basically, you need to create a new API user. If you create a new one, your new API user will be AAAA002 and your password will be generated. You should save it. You can't change or see it again.

P.S. When you open the user profile on the right, you can see your tenant's (account's) name on the top right.



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Hello denmar013,

Based on my implementation experience, you must differentiate API calls via API UserName.

I hope this information was helpful in closing this thread.

Thanks and Regards,

Kunal Bansal, SAP CX Architect