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How to get report/develop in one place related CCO and SAP B1?

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We have implemented the CCO and integrated with SAP B1. Now issue is when stock is not available then the transaction is done in CCO but not in SAP B1 (A/R Invoice). My question can we develop such report in SAPB1 to compare which transaction has been synched or which are not in SAP B1, so that we can identify what was the issue.Kindly suggest Is there any provision to develop like this report.

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Hello prashant.badoni,

The ErrorLog table of the CustomerCheckout database (this is the database of the Customer Checkout Monitor) has a column ErrorMessage. It contains the messages returned by the DI when a receipt cannot be released to B1. For example,

  • Di Error: (-10) 10001069 Quantity falls into negative inventory [INV1.ItemCode][line:1]
  • Di Error: (-10) G/L account is not valid [VPM4.AcctCode][line:1]
  • 999 - Connect to Business One failed. (-4009) Failed to connect SLD, make sure SLD server is correct and available

and so on.

The field ReceiptKey in the same table can be used to join the PointOfSaleReceipt table where you will find CCO receipt related data.

Best regards,