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How to disable submit for approval button when it's approved?


Hello SAP community,

We've implemented approval process for service requests in C4C.

It's working well, but when the approval status is "approved", submit for approval button is still visible and the approval process can be started all over again.

Is there a way in C4C standards to disable the approval button once it's approved?

Many thanks for your help,


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Hi İlknur,

This seems like a bug to me. I would report it to SAP C4C support and get their thoughts. If however, you want to try, you could try to create a rule on the Submit for approval Action menu item but I just checked and there is no provision in standard to set a rule on the read-only property. There is only provision to set a rule on the visibility property. So if that is acceptable to your business, you could try to create a rule and hide the submit for approval option if the approval status is 4 - Approved.

I recommend this to be your last resort. First ofcourse is to reach out to SAP support.

Good luck.